Robert Blackman 

Author, Consultant, Owner & 7-Figure Earner!

  • PDF Workbook That Solves Your Major Problems in Network Marketing!  Includes Proven Scripts & Step-By-Step Instructions on What to Say and What to Do When Prospecting!

  • Warm Market Video.  Discover What You've Been Doing Wrong &

    a Strategy to Reach Your First Pin Level in Any Program in the Next 30 Days!

  • Cold Market Video. Learn How to Turn Cold Leads into HOT Ones on This video!  That Includes All Leads You Generate, Purchase & Even Social Media Secrets!

  • How to Close Prospects. Learn the Four Closing Questions You Need to Be Asking Everyone You Talk to Who Has Seen Your Network Marketing or Affiliate Program.  You'll Be AMAZED at How Well These Work!

  • Overcoming the Objection: 

    "Let Me Think About It!  There is nothing more frustrating than having someone tell you "Let Me Think About it".  Or, "Let me talk to my spouse".  Or, "I need to wait until Payday."  I've developed 5 different ways to overcome this #1 objection and it will help you close more sales--and FAST!



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