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Robert Blackman

“This came to me at a time when I was stuck.  My up line was flourishing while my personal journey and downline was floundering.   Network marketing is a journey,  one that has highs and lows just like any career or business you will personally own.  My background is in advertising and marketing so that part came easy for me, it was the relationships and working with my warm contacts that kept me growing.  Getting back to the basics is what this is all about, not only does it simplify but it frames a foundation providing a platform to continue to grow from.  I have witnessed for over twenty years the dedication and tenacity Sheri and Robert have for direct sales and I can tell you there are no two people more determined for success.  Their commitment to succeeding and ability to power through the down times is unprecedented.” 


Libby Blevins

Mom, Businesswoman, Successful Network Marketer

“Robert and Sheri Blackman are a true power couple in the Network Marketing industry. I have known and been friends with  Robert for more than a decade (Sheri and I have been friends since High School) and over the years have been amazed with 3 things in particular.  First is their knowledge of the Network Marking industry. You would be hard pressed to find ANYONE that has their "finger on the pulse" more than the Blackmans.  Second is there willingness to share this amazing amount of knowledge with anyone and everyone who wants to learn. They genuinely want you to succeed whether they financially benefit or not. I believe this is what makes them some of the top coaches and leaders in all of Network Marketing today.

The third thing that is amazing about this MLM power couple is their willingness to tell you about the tough times as well as the good. So often today people want to tell only part of a story, the part that makes them look good, but we all know this is not how the world works.  Robert shoots straight and gets to the point!  

Steve Bratcher

Six-Figure Income Earner

“I want to thank Robert Blackman for writing the “Rules of the Game”, this fabulous industry changed the entire course of my life by teaching me how to build my own dreams instead of someone else’s. Most people that are financially free are in partnerships, if you are lucky enough to be Partners with Robert he will teach you in his books and coaching programs.  I can tell you there are few people that truly know how to build wealth more than Robert Blackman, he does it with love and commitment. Having personally worked with Robert in a Network Marketing company I was part of I can tell you he has the integrity and vision to succeed in any business.  More importantly, he is one of the best teachers of Network Marketing I have every met.  I am excited that everyone can be Partners now with him.  Enjoy his Coaching and the “Rules of the Game” folks and stop living everyone else’s dreams.  Live Yours!”


John Constatine

Co-Founder of Five Direct Sales, Insurance and Healthcare Companies

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